tHe OuTsIdErS(:

the outsiders is a story about to different classes. the greasers,,and the socs. the socs are a higher class than than the greasers. the greasers get jumped by the socs a lot. and the greasers have a harder life that they live but the socs have a much easier life than the is very interestingg,, i thøught that it would be very boring but actally its a pretty good book.


i just watched to trailers to mary poppins. they both were very interesting. the first was like 4 minutes and it showed me what the movie would be like and to get me to want to watch the movie. the second one was an amature  recut of “scary mary poppins” it was about mary coming to town to babysit 2 children and messing with the little children. it also had scary music in the recut. i have to admit, it was scary. but the movie trailers were interesting. i thinkthey both were fiction because no one can be lifted up in the air by an umbrella. and the were flipping like 20 feet up in the air, that isnt possible though. but anyway it was intersting. the two trailers are on

the prince and the pauper

today i did an open response. it was a story called the prince and the pauper. it was very interesting, it was about a prince and a pauper who trade places and love there new spots. they look just alike and so thats why they switched places. the prince didnt want to dress up just to eat lunch. he wanted to get to swim in rivers and play around in the mud. he hated being the prince because he wouldnt have the opportunity to live a normal lifer.but the pauper thinks just the opposite. the pauper wants to be prince and to not get beaten and to live the royal life. he wanted to dress up for meals and wants to live i life where hes not pushed around by people walking on the street.


I am finished with the giver and i loved it! and i have to tell you what it means to be released. first , from the story it said jonas wanted to watch the little twin be released but he didnt know released means they will be killed. jonas experienced watching it and hated it. he watched his father as he measured theyre weight, and the five pound baby was the smaller one. jonas’ father picked the smaller baby up and had a needle in his hands jonas was confused to him self asking why does he have a needle in his hands?? as his father put the needle in the baby’s forehead, the little baby squirmed. and then he was still . jonas found out the baby was dead. he knew this because the giver had given him the memory of death. and thats how i know that released means to be killed.


im on the second to last chapter in the giver i really like it. its so interesting.  he learned about release and release is another word for kill . When someone gets released, jonas found out its another word for kill because a twin was released because it was smaller and jonas watched on tape him kill the little guy and his father was the one that killed the little baby because hes a nurterer. being since him and the giver were the only ones with feeling in the community , he started crying as his dad injected a shot in the little baby’s forehead. he slept  at the givers annex room that night. he couldnt bear to see his father after he had lied to him. he was weeping the whole time yelling “my father killed the baby my father killed the baby! ” and after jonas and the giver had eaten jonas said in a mocking voice while still crying “now should we share our feelings!” (the community had a rule after dinner each night, they would talk about theyre feelings) and he also cried out ” and tomorrow morning are we going to share our dreams!” he said it agaon in a mocking voice (also a rule was in the morning to share your feelings to ) well i love this book it is now one of my favorites it is so awesome i just am dieing to know if he is going to escape as he has planned i just cant wait!!


The book “The Giver” is very interesting. jonas is experiencing color. and the is also experiencing pain. when his friends were playing war he said not to play that game because its a cruel game. and jonas recives the givers favorite memory. Love. im almost done with the giver i thought i wouldnt be able to understand it, but its one if my favorite! 🙂


Ok so last thursday , i moved to the highest reading group in the whole school! how awesome is that!? i love it its such and awesome reading class we get to blog like im doing right now and we get to use ipod touch to read books every once in a while. i love the reading class even though it is going to be challenging, it will always be the best reading class ever!